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''I am a patient who was born in the fifties of the last century. In those days there was no therapy at all. Today there are new CF drugs under development which will make a big difference in quality of life and life expectancy. IgY has the potentiality to delay or even prevent pseudomonas infection. Thus that burden might be kept away from patients' lives for a longer time than it is possible today. That is such an exciting prospect! I want to thank all who strive to make IgY a success."

- Anni Brunckhorst, CF adult
Despite good results with antibiotics, continuous pulmonary deterioration and death of the CF patient is a reality. Alternative therapeutic strategies are badly needed. This project aims to demonstrate the critical preventive and therapeutic effects of a pioneering intervention therapy (anti-pseudomonas IgY) for the fatal chronic infection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in CF patients.
A second objective is to explore ways of meaningfully involving patients and family members into clinical CF research.
The project mobilises the critical mass of experts from academia, patient organisations, clinical trials managers, clinicians and industry aiming to eradicate PA infection in CF patient lungs and thereby alleviate the negative impact of PA on the quality of life of CF patients and their families.
The study has been registered in the international clinical trial registry
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