NEW Scientific Data: faster bacterial clearance in the CF airways ...

How does the oral IgY work?

Anti-Pseudomonasaeruginosa IgY antibodies augments bacterial internalization in PMNs and subsequent bacterial killing in vitro. The conferred IgY mediated bacterial aggregation suggest a more promptly and effortless bacterial phagocytosis by PMNs, which may imply a faster bacterial clearance in the CF airways and a mode of action to the observed clinical impact of oral IgY prophylaxis.

Breakthrough Scientific results!

IMPACTT's preclinical studies demonstrate that:

avian egg yolk immunoglobulins (IgY) targeting P. aeruginosa modify bacterial fitness, which enhances bacterial killing by PMN-mediated phagocytosis and thereby may facilitate a rapid bacterial clearance in airways of people with cystic fibrosis; this work is published (s. below). The combined findings led to a PHD thesis by Dr. Kim Thomsen. The articles which are included in the present thesis:

• Publication:
Thomsen K, Christophersen L , Bjarnsholt T, Jensen P0, Moser C, Hoiby N .
Anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa IgY Antibodies Induce Specific Bacterial Aggregation and Internalization in Human Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils
Infect  Immun. 2015. Apr 20. pii: lAI.02970 - 14.

• Manuscript (in press):
Thomsen K, ChristophersenL , BjarnsholtT , JensenP 0, MoserC ,H oiby N.
Anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa IgY antibodies augment bacterial clearance in a murine
pneumonia model.
Manuscript in press to Journal of Cystic Fibrosis.

• Manuscript (submitted):
Thomsen K, Christophersen L, Jensen P0, Bjarnsholt T , Moser C ,Hoiby N.
Anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa IgY antibodies promote bacterial opsonization and augment the phagocytic activity of polymorphonuclear neutrophils.
Manuscripts submitted to Clinical and ExperimentaI lmmunology.