By participating in such clinical trials we can really contribute in research and help to find solutions for fighting pseudomonas.

If you can’t prevent and control pseudomonas, you need a intravenous treatment every 3 months, what a waste of time and money! ... Reasons enough to INVEST in research and TO PARTICIPATE!

IgY has the potential to delay or even prevent pseudomonas infection. Thus burden might be kept away from patients' lives for a longer time than it is possible today. That is such an exciting prospect!

I want to thank all who strive to make clinical IgY-research a success.

If we find a way to prevent infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, this will be a huge step forward in CF management. We hope that IMPACTT will help us to reach that goal.

As parents of a CF child we think this study is extremely important!  We really hope they will find solutions to prevent and treat pseudomonas more effectively

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